Monday, August 6, 2012

A Letter


Who knew I could be so excited about the mail??
To be honest, I actually got this last Wednesday but I just haven't felt like posting until now.
(And we are so close to getting another letter it just almost gets me giddy!)

Elder Pollard, bless him, forgot my address so he sent my letter to his house (this is no big, considering we live next door to each other...) and said I could just go get it.
Boy, did I. 
I waited all day for the mail and as soon as the mailman moved just far enough out of the way for me to get to the mailbox I snatched it right out of there! Out of their mailbox! Such bad manners.. I was actually horrified for a little, but I got over that pretty fast.

This is the face of pure happiness, kids.

This is about to get pretty personal but it's my blog, so I can! 
It's been rough! I didn't realize how much would remind me of him and how often I would cry! 
Sheesh. But thank heavens we are getting over that.. My nose couldn't handle anymore wiping. 

I gave myself a week to get all the crying out and this second week has been so much better. Already from his email to his family and from my own letter I can tell he has grown leaps and bounds. I can't tell you how happy that makes me! 
Now, I'm just excited to get letters and to hear how he is doing and what is going on! 
Yay for missionaries! 

Just for the record, a lot of my posts have been about Josh lately. Haha. I promise it won't be that way forever. Just a few good and important moments. 
Have a great Monday!

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