Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I Love My Sister

Last Monday my sister mentioned to me that we should go to Lagoon. I said it would be fun not thinking it would really happen and then on Tuesday morning we found ourselves driving up there! 

*People! Tuesday is the day to go to Lagoon! Hardly anybody was there! The most we had to wait for a ride was like 7 minutes. It was awesome.*

Now for a bunch of pictures of me and Emerson. (They all basically look the same too cause nobody would take a picture for us!)

 Thanks Dad for the tickets!!

Obviously we were stoked. 

The first roller coaster of the day. 

Side note: It was the rickety old white one. I am still surprised we made it out alive. 

To be honest, I remember the Bat being waaaayyyy cooler.

Fake laughs are always awesome.

The swings are definitely a fav.

Look out boys! This little cutie is headed into the 8th grade! She is single and nowhere near ready to mingle so back off :)

Before Rattlesnake Rapids....

And after....

This picture doesn't quite do it justice considering we were soaked to the bone!

After a while you just get tired of walking ya know?

We finished off the day with yummy treats!

By the way.. What ever happened to Icees?! I enjoyed every single sip of that blessed 32 ounces. It was heaven after walking around all day in a million degrees. 

I love my sissy :)

Thanks Emer for a great day! 

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