Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Week #78

Hello! Everyone! Such a great week!
Elder Falabella from the 70. Such a stud. So wonderful. Thanksgiving was great! Sister Burnham in our ward is the greatest. She asked what all of us wanted that would make us feel most at home. So I asked for pretzel jello salad. HAHA!!! it was probs the greatest thing ever. She made a huge pan of it and I got to take all of it home. I was in heaven. And i'm super grateful it's gone.... Also, on Thanksgiving, for our mission activity, my companions and I sang. Yes, we SANG. for half of our mission. I even sang a little bit of a solo! Haaaa it actually ended up being decent but it's not something I want to repeat. Ha.
We went on exchanges this week too and Sister Lee came back! I was so happy to serve with her again! She is the best. I love her so much.
We went to the temple today and it was incredible! We had family names and had some incredible ward members do the work so that I could do the endowment. SO grateful for them! They are the best :) But then we got a call from President Choi asking us to do initiatories before our session. I was able to do a bunch of family names for the Choi's and for other people. So cool. SO blessed to be able to do it!
This week I really have just been over flowing with gratitude. I'm sooo grateful for the most incredible family ever! I am so grateful that I was raised in the gospel. I see the good it does and how much it changes people's lives. I will forever be grateful for it!! I love my family. I love Jesus Christ and that I have 2nd and 3rd and 4th chances. I am so grateful for that! life is good :)
super scattered. i'm just SO GRATEFUL!
alright, well, I love you all so much.

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