Sunday, January 20, 2013


Sleep has been pretty scarce around these here parts. Ever since I moved out I don't get to bed before 1 or 2. 
Last semester when I lived at home, I was asleep by 11. Like. every. night. It was the best. 
Now, I am zombie central every day at school.

Like today for instance. 8 am classes aren't good for anybody lesbihonest... (Pitch Perfect anyone??)

It was so bad I could not focus in any of my classes. My eyes were twitching uncontrollably and I swear bricks were sitting on my eyelids.
Also, ya know that awkward moment when you are just staring off into space and when you finally realize you are staring at someone and they are staring back? Yeah that happened. Like 4 times. 
It was one of those ugly stares too. Like open mouth and all!
One time I even found a little drool pooled at the corner of my mouth. It didn't spill over, thank the heavens for that.. That coulda been really awkward.
I'm pretty sure people think differently of me since Friday.

After class, I sped home and jumped right in bed. Like, full on in bed. And I slept for a glorious 3 and a half hours. So, that was fun.

And there was my very successful Friday. Have a good weekend!!

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