Monday, July 7, 2014

Week #57

So, here I am in the Kirkland 4th ward (aka K4). It's rad!! This ward is amazing!! So missionary minded. Everyone here is constantly trying to get referrals for us. Which we don't mind! A lot of what the sisters left us hasn't really worked out so it feels a lot like we're starting from scratch. Which I guess isn't terrible. Sister Nudd is used to the Tongan people and I'm used to downtown Seattle and so we are both sooo lost out here in Kirkland! HA! It's awesome though. We've only heard 2 sirens in the last week! Record!!
We had a ward breakfast on the 4th on the BEACH!!!! We have a beach in our area!!! It does no good to us... But it's still exciting. We've done a lot of activities with our ward already and we've been meeting members and all that good stuff so not a ton to report. YET. Good things to come here in K4.
So there is my happy missionary life in a nut shell!! OH, and our apartment is HUGE!! AND CLEAN!!! It was a senior couples but they just moved the sisters in. We live in a condo actually so Sister Nudd and I keep saying it feels like we're on vacation haha.
Thank you and love you all sooooo much! This really is the church of Jesus Christ!!!
By the way, I reeeeaaaallly hope you all have watched the video Because of Him. Amazing. If not, Do it!

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