Friday, February 24, 2012

Too lazy..

Remember the cute boot I mentioned I've been sporting? Well, great news! I'm getting out of it! Temporarily.. I'm getting an MRI today so we'll see. 
But while I was wearing the lovely thing, I decided I was too lazy to take the elevator so I always took the stairs. 
(Wait, hold the phone. Did she just say too lazy to take the elevator!?) 
And yes, I did. 
And this is why. There are never, ever elevators near where I'm going! Ever! I'm not that crippled to go out of my way to find the elevator. 
I probably look like a complete moron hobbling up the stairs but ya know what? Tough. I like it, it makes me feel better about myself. 

The boot won't get me down!!

Plus, I secretly have an irrational fear of the awkward elevator ride. Right!? Standing in there with someone you don't know, trying to make a conversation that you both don't want to have.. Just so much awkwardness in one small space. I can't handle it. 
Or attempting to squeeze myself into a wayyyyy too full elevator. Not my thing.

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